Jun 28, 2009

Better Day - You and Me

I can't believe today is the start of my first blog! I guess I'm both excited and anxious to share what I love with the like minded। Food is my passion, as well as music, legal studies, different forms of literature and cultural studies, and more। Michael Jackson has just left this world two days ago; majority of us will miss deeply this superstar. In memory of all the great things happening and people around us, we shall keep and share a good record during our lifetime!


  1. Finally I managed to figure out how to leave a comment in blogspot-blogs without having an account (it's utterly easy after all x-P)!

    As far as I can tell from browsing through your blog, you are doing a great job! =) Keep up the good work and let me know if I may add you to my blogroll ^^

  2. Thanks Angeline! And yes you may add this blog to your blogroll. I look forward to its launch!


It is nice to hear from you!