Jul 31, 2009

Arroz Con Coco Y Camarones (Rice with Coconut and Shrimp)

This is one creative and tasteful dish from Columbia! I really enjoy reading Erica's blog -My Columbian Recipes and International Flavors and I've made her Rice with Coconut and Shrimp the other day which turns out marvelous! I will make time to try more of her recipes given I've made a successful one! The sweetness of the coconut mixed really nicely with the rice and shrimp, and the spices enhance each ingredient and not overpoweringly. I find a lot of Erica's information interesting, for example the unique fruits of Columbia and the creative and neat dishes by her! They look super appealing to me! Also, I have had pitahayas from Columbia and it is really really nice and tasty. I like to try plantains because there are so many wonderful recipes out there about this special fruit, sweet and savory!

Pitahaya from Columbia:

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