Aug 8, 2009

Marshmallowy Three Milks Cake

Very very milky....

This dessert is sweet and milky and anyone who loves the taste of milk would fall in love with the Three Milks Cake invented by Erica from her Columbian recipes. The cake is delicious and the frosting is very interesting... soft and white like marshmallow that I love.. Who doesn't like marshmallow? Although I made these into cupcakes I would suggest using Erica's original plan of a cake mold because it makes things easier, less messy, just because, as you spoon the milk sauce onto the cake, the entire cake gets wet while soaking up the sauce and it is better to do that in a cake pan... though it is still nice, moist, and delicious at the end!

As promise that I would be showing my previous pet "Glutinous Rice Ball" picture here, isn't she adorable? Everyone likes her!


  1. great cake Erica is the best oh love the bunny I always had pet bunnies as a kid

  2. Great recipe, and love the picture of your bunny, I had one as a kid, but she wasn't nice, she bit alot. Thanks to for adding my site to your blogroll. I have recently redecorated and moved to a new url. Stop by when you have a chance.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Angie! Your blog looks very nice! And Rebecca you have got an excellent blog as well!


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