Aug 1, 2009

Spaghetti Cabonara

Spaghetti Cabonara was once my favorite pasta because I used to crave bacon a lot and Cabonara has a full taste of bacon! Not to mention its nice and warm cheese and cream flavors, you know what I'm saying if you like this pasta as well! Later I learned to appreciate many other ingredients on earth, the pure tastes of food without much seasoning especially when cooked with pasta, so Cabonara went down in my favorite list. However, I still miss this classic and have finally got a recipe of it from an Italian cookbook from the library. I am more than happy to share it here!


20g Butter
80g Bacon, diced (or other cured ham like proscuitto or pancetta)
80 ml cream
2 egg yolks
parmigiano reggiano cheese (add according to your liking)
150g dried or 300g fresh spaghetti


1. Melt butter over medium heat and add bacon bits and stir fry until fragrant, for abt 5 min. Discard most of the fat.

2. Cook pasta in another bowl for about 7-8 min. till al dente while making sauce.

3. Mix together cheese (grated into fine powder), cream and egg yolks and add mixture to a large pan with the bacon. Add in the hot pasta and cook over a very low heat and stirring constantly, until sauce thickens and turns a little powdery, about 4 minutes.

4. Serve immediately with a glass of crisp white wine!


  1. My son Brandon loves spaghetti carbonara, actually he loves anything with bacon. Your recipe is different than mine, I don't put a cheese sauce, only the eggs. But I going to try making it like this, I'm sure he's going to love it. Thanks

  2. I enjoyed your blog very much. I am sure that you are really good cook!


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