Jun 28, 2009

Hainan Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken Rice

One of my favourite Chinese dishes is the Hainan Chicken Rice. I love both its simplicity and authenticity. Actually if you think about it, the dish is not at all simple.. traditional Hainan Chicken Rice comprises of three different sauces, sweet and sour pickles, pure chicken broth, and flavourful steamed chicken and oil rice. I think the dish orginates from the island of Hainan in China and hence its name, and not many places can make this great dish! I had it in the Peak Restaurant in Hong Kong and it was nice! To be precise, the chicken should be served neither hot nor cold, and there should be a layer of "jelly" in between the meat so that it slips into your tongue with its perfect tenderness and juicyness. Served with its hot chilli dip, sweet soy sauce, and ginger & green onion dippings, the dish is irresistable! Actually, I think those who love this dish will find that the essence of Hainan Chicken lies in its broth and the fragrant rice because they are both made from the flavourful chicken, and because it accompanies the whole meal so well that it makes you feel very comforting without overfilling your appetite for desserts!

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