Jul 1, 2009

Lunch at Lung King Heen

Today is a special day. First of July, not only is it the national day of Canada, it is also the celebration day of the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. During this day in year 2003, more than 500,000 people in Hong Kong united for a march to protest against a legislation: the famous Article 23 of the Basic Law of China. Many of us feel that implementing this concept of "national security" would infringe Civil Human Rights which was so important to people in Hong Kong, as we always enjoy them. It was and still continues to be a big event.

I invited Winnie to come to Lung King Heen for two other reasons, one for the celebration of her big birthday (I won't say the age ;p) and the other that she has completed her Master in
Finance! Big Congrats!! I hope she enjoyed the lunch as much as I was fascinated, as I like Lung King Heen the best when it comes to Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong. It's the only three star Michelin restaurant in Hong Kong!

Lung King Heen features "Hong Kong style" Chinese Food with its seasonal and best ingredients cooked in perfection in every detail, and served with the best service I think. I was delighted to be there enjoying such a beautiful sunny day of the summer overlooking the highest resolution clear blue sky and ocean, with a few old ferries (rare treasures of HK), using beautiful cutlery and eating in nice ambience with my great friend! Alright, first came the dish "Dragon Prince", a green velvety dumpling skin wrapping up juicy and tender pieces of prawns, scallops, and lobster! Very delicious! Next runner up would be the crispy fried foie gras with shrimp morsel, infusing the aroma of the foie gras in my senses long after I have finished eating it. Pure seduction. Next would be the lovely baked cheese and smoked salmon pastry combining west & east which tasted so yummy! Loved it. Then finally we had our treat of black truffle "siu mai" and until today I thought all truffles come from Europe somewhere close to Italy... when in fact it was Australia where our truffles were originated from. It's all good! I'd have to do more research into food trends.

Of course, we have to leave some space for desserts! We were looking forward to our sweeties which took twenty minutes to come! Winnie ordered the egg white and milk custard puff tarts which were so beautiful, soft like babies, pure and yet utterly buttery and milky with the perfect sweetness when it comes to flavours! Winnie and I did not say much, may be we were falling in love with them! Not to exagerate, our perfect sweetness continues to come as our sampler dessert platter arrives! There was almond tea first which is an old classic of Hong Kong dessert, with two kinds of almonds mixed together for an underlying bitterness to harmonize with the sweetness which equals a subtle flavour with melt in your mouth texture eventhough it was served cold. I loved it again! Next, there was that rich and yummy salty egg yolk custard pastry which was shaped into a tiny pear with great portraying details. I love the art as well as the taste of it, including the nice crumbly texture and sweet taste that can only be achieved if it was made very fresh! The next healthy and yummy choice is the Gui flower and Jizi (red dried fruit) jelly pudding. At first I was a bit reluctant to try it because I didn't particularly like the Chinese dried fruit flavours dessert.. however it was a complete break out of my frame as i place my first bite into the refreshing devil.... it was yummy! I like it even more than the egg yolk pastry before, probably because of the fragrance from the Gui yellow flower. Winnie's sesame cookie was also very appealing and looked scrumptious... I will have that next time if possible! I had Winnie to try the most trendy and famous dessert of Hong Kong, mango pomelo cream sago soup! It is so nice in colour for the summer! I bet it tasted top notch! Haha... I wasn't sure how else to describe such a treat. Lunch at Lung King Heen is a hit to me.... I mean... how can they make things so perfect? It's a mystery.... and it could be magic....either way, I love it!

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