Jul 5, 2009

My Dreamy Cheesy Summer Pasta

Today is another rainy Sunday. It has been a few weekends that Hong Kong is pouring heavy rain and it makes all beach plans delay... :( So, after a big feast yesterday till this morning, I have decided to make a light dinner. The recipe is adapted from the blog of Meal Planning 101, and since I am running out of parmigiano reggiano cheese, I substitute some ham flavored cream cheese to the sauce, and I also use lemon juice mixed with skim milk instead of sour cream called for in the original recipe. The pasta sauce was a bit curdled and runny at first, so I added an egg yolk to thicken and enrich it! As you can see, there is a rather cute pink color of the sauce at the end, and this is because the kind of vegetable that I use is called "red yeen choi" and it has a beet root color in its leaves and so the sauce becomes pinkish! The color plus the nice lemon scent and the cheesy taste makes this dish really dreamy and happy to consume! Also, the green beans are at their peak during the summer time, so crisp and sweet! Although this is an improvisation of the original recipe, I really like it!


  1. this looks great nice blog will follow Rebecca

  2. I like that there's green beans in this dish! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Thanks! There are still lots more to add to this young blog! And to E. market, I love green beans! It's been a favorite of mine since I was small.


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